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Counters and Classifiers
Jamar TRAX Bicycle Counter
The TRAX Cycles Plus system incorporates a unique combination of hardware and software modifications to make it possible to accurately count mixed bicycle and automotive traffic
Jamar TRAX Apollyon
The cost effective Apollyon allows you to easily and accurately collect comprehensive time-stamped traffic data at multiple locations. This data can then be processed with the powerful TRAXPro software to provide volume, speed, class, gap and more information all from one data file.
Jamar TDC Ultra
The TDC Ultra is the single most powerful hand-held traffic data collector in the world today. With this one recorder, you can save countless hours by electronically collecting many types of traffic data for easy download and analysis with the powerful PETRAPro software.
Jamar TRAXPro Traffic Data Analysis Software
A traffic data recorder is only as good as the software used to process and analyze its data... Since its introduction in 2001, TRAXPro has become an industry standard for the processing of data from automatic traffic recorders.
Jamar PETRAPro Traffic Data Analysis Software
PETRAPro analyzes data gathered with the TDC Ultra hand-held data collectors. This program processes data that includes Turning Movements, Roundabout Movements, Vehicle Classification, Multi-direction Gap, Stop Sign Delay, Signalized Intersection Delay, Spot Speed and Saturation Flow Rate.
Jamar TDC Ultra - Video Mode
Count it either way with the TDC Ultra. The new ‘Video Mode’ of the Ultra makes turning movement counting from a video playback an easy process. Pause... speed up... slow down... advance intervals... you are in control.
GR M680 Loop Classifier
The Marksman 680 range of 4/8/16 Loop Vehicle Classifiers are part of proven Golden River’s ITS systems range. With a number of options available they can be configured by the systems integrator or the user for most traffic monitoring applications using inductive loops.
GR M671/2 Weigh In Motion Count and Classifier
Golden River and Kistler joined forces to produce the most accurate and reliable Weigh In Motion (WIM) system under the COST 323 trials. The combination of Golden River and Kistler is the only system to reach higher levels of European compliance.
GR M720 Vehicle Count and Classifier
ITS Dectection Systems:
The Golden River M720 is a fully integrated vehicle count and classification device optimized to provide highly reliable and accurate data processing. It incorporates fast and reliable Ethernet communications and is housed in an industry standard 19" rack mount enclosure.
GR M210 Solar Powered Logging Stud
Clearview Traffic offer a unique and innovative solution for traffic planners looking for a low-cost vehicle counter solution in both permanent and occasional surveys. The M210 solar powered logging stud provides count information in a simple, self-contained unit.
CA Black CAT Outstation Platform
Designed with flexibility in mind the Black CAT Outstation Platform provides all of the functionality of a traditional count/classifer/WIM instrument.
CA BlueTrak
BlueTrak utilizes cost effective Bluetooth receiver technology to supply accurate real-time traffic data for journey time monitoring and transportation planning.
SmarTek SAS-1 Acoustic Sensor
SAS-1 is an easy to use, programmable sensor ready to detect multiple lanes of traffic for real-time operations, or to collect traffic counts with 3 levels of classification.
SmarTek SVS-1 Stop Line Video Detection
The latest addition to the SmarTek Systems’ family of non-embedded detector systems, this video detector lives up to its heritage of product quality and powerful processing in a small package.
Houston Radar's Armadillo for Windows
Built on a rock-solid foundation of our DC310 microwave sensor, Armadillo provides a turn-key solution to your traffic monitoring needs.
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